Trip to the sea by bus from Guangzhou to Shenzhen on July 25-26, 2020

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Trip to the sea by bus from Guangzhou to Shenzhen on July 25-26, 2020
We are going to Dongchong Beach in Shenzhen together.
This is one of the best beaches in Shenzhen! Dongchong Beach Shenzhen 东冲海滩
What’s the main problem? That’s right, get there!
It takes 7 hours by train + buses from Guangzhou.
It takes 3.5 hours by car, but not everyone has a car.
Therefore, we organize ourselves, order a private bus for 40 people and divide its price among beach lovers. The price will depend on the number of people. If 10 people, then 300 yuan, if 20, then 150 yuan, and so on.
As they tell us the price for the bus, this will be the case, without any surcharges.
Will it go?
on July 25, 2020 (Saturday) we will leave early in the morning, on July 26 we will return late in the evening.
You choose and book the accommodation yourself!
– at the hotel. Look at or
There are many options on
Type in the search: Dong Chong, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China and the dates July 25-26, 2020.
OR you can find housing on the spot. But this is for extreme stress lovers. Although there is plenty of housing there, it is stressful with it on weekends.
– in the tent. You can easily buy a tent for 130-200 yuan in Taobao. Or in Decathlon a little more expensive.
And spend the night near the beach (but where exactly xs) / or take a boat to Sanmen Island (10 min by boat) and spend the night there, because there is an organized camping with showers on the island.
Interested and sympathizers are kindly requested to enter the Wichat group (QR code below)
, It would be advisable to express a desire promptly to order a bus of the right size.
P.S. Do not forget about the medical mask and the health code.

The plan is as follows:
1. We are determining exactly (by July 19) how many of us are traveling.
2. We nicknamed a couple of offices with buses. You can also find out from the Chinese – you will probably find it cheaper.
If there are many people from Foshan, we will book a bus there, and then through the center of Guangzhou and to the beach.
3. We discount the payment for the bus to the bus office (July 19-20)
4. After confirming and paying for the bus, you decide on your own the issue of housing for 1 night from July 25 to 26.
You can cooperate with 2-3 people in a hotel room.
Other points:
It takes 4 hours by bus.
Entrance to the beach is 20 yuan
They charge 30 yuan to put up their tent on the beach.
(I can give a link to Taobao, to the norms. a tent for 135 yuan).
If you choose a tent, keep in mind that you need a battery-powered fan, otherwise it’s too stuffy to sleep.
A boat to Sanmen Island and back costs 400 yuan.
Everyone. Share your experiences and thoughts!
As soon as new people appear in the group, this message will be duplicated.

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